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Importance of Religious Liberty

In A Pastor's Pit Pastor Preston Curtis says that the theological issue of what will happen to us when we die is the "ultimate question about life." This week I have attended the funeral of 2 friends and that ultimate question, and the hope of those who know Jesus as...

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Religious Liberty Legal Paradigm Shift

As the attacks on religious liberty began, those hostile to religious liberties would ask the US Supreme Court to "make them stop" - having prayer in schools, posting 12 commandments in county courthouses, etc. Now, those hostile to religious liberty seem to be...

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A Pastor's Pit was recognized as a 2021 Finalist for Mystery/Suspense by Maxy Awards!

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A PASTOR'S PIT BACKGROUND One of the motivating factors for my book A Pastor’s Pit was the progressive nature of the attack on religious liberty. Additionally, the courts play, and have played, the critical role of determining whether the attack on a particular...

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Additional Background on Religious Freedom

For background about the Hostility to Religion in America see Kelly Shackelford’s book: Kelly cites that in 2011 there were 600 attacks on religious liberty and in 2016 there were 1400 attacks on...

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Religious Liberties in the News

In the Book “A Pastor’s Pit”, religious liberty is a very important issue as the pastor is indicted for the crime of religious hate speech. Many Americans seem to believe that the battle concerning our religious liberty is unimportant because it is settled by the...

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