Thanks to our kids for our grandkids! They really are grand. As each grandchild turns 12, my wife and I take them on a trip by themselves – to any place in the continental U. S. where they want to go! It gives us an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with each one and to talk about our background and experiences, our hopes for them and to even talk about our spiritual journey. We give them an opportunity to ask any questions they want to ask us as grandparents while they have the chance. Some questions are very deep, and others are just fun (“Who is your favorite grandchild?”). This summer we got to take grandson Jude (he is 13 instead of 12 because we couldn’t go last year because of Covid) to Maine and do whitewater rafting, fly fishing and explore to find moose, bear and an eagle! We got to take 12 year old granddaughter Mallory to the Keys in Florida so she could “swim with the dolphins” and snorkel! Both were great times – we really treasure our time with the grands!