Teachers, content, and parents rights concerning their children’s education is in the news a lot these days! I know there are a number of good, dedicated and concerned teachers even when it appears some have lost their way. But I want to harken back to my favorite teacher as an example of the impact they can have on their student’s lives. Mr. Lloyd Bloodworth was one of my teachers during my junior and senior years in high school in the small community of Burkburnett, Texas. He taught classes in Distributive Education that allowed students to attend class part of the day but work at a job part of the day (my job during my senior year was at a bank which was arranged by Mr. Bloodworth). Mr. Bloodworth was 100% committed to his students and their success. He encouraged me to compete in a speaking competition (where I was a winner!) and to get involved as the President of the local DECA group and to seek statewide office in the DECA organization. He encouraged me, gave me a verbal kick in the seat of the pants when I needed it, but I knew he always cared for me and was willing to take the time to invest in me. With hindsight, he saw something in me I did not see, and encouraged me to push myself to accomplish things I could not imagine. In high school I would have been the least likely person to later be the President of a School Board or a District Judge! I give a great deal of credit for anything I have been able to achieve to Mr. Bloodworth. This is just a reminder to me about the positive, significant and life-changing role teachers can play in the lives of their students. I pray that today’s teachers will be singularly focused on teaching their curriculum and to demonstrate confidence and belief in their students to help them dream and achieve great things!