Like many Christians, I have observed growing hostility to our closely-held beliefs over the years. What used to be accepted as truth is now viewed with derision by culture, and in some cases, legal precedent has been set to remove our religious liberties. I believe it is only a matter of time before speaking our beliefs on marriage, family, and the exclusivity of Christ will be deemed hate speech, punishable by fines or prison time.

It was this observation that inspired me to write “A Pastor’s Pit,” which follows Pastor Preston Curtis as he is faced with these very issues. I wanted every Christian to consider whether they would stand firm in their convictions even in the face of punishment.

Following the release of “A Pastor’s Pit,” I began reading more and more about how Generation Z has all but abandoned the Christian faith. In fact, only 20% of Gen-Z identify as Protestant. Additionally, 70-80% of young people raised in the Church have abandoned their faith by the time they graduate high school.

I began to ponder how young people in a loving, Christian home can so radically shift their beliefs in a few short years. Furthermore, even if adult Christians are willing to take a stand for Christ, will our children and grandchildren stand with us?

In “The Kids’ Pit,” my new novel releasing July 18, 2023, I explored how the stance of Pastor Curtis might affect his family, namely his teenage daughter Sarah. Would she embrace her father’s faith, or would she turn away from the ridicule and worldly consequences that come from following Jesus without apology?

I don’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to raising up the next generation to be warriors for Christ. While I’m blessed that my children are all Christ-followers as adults, I have walked with many friends as their children left their faith. In “The Kids’ Pit,” I wanted to capture this uncertainty and pain while painting a picture of hope that no one is beyond the reach of Jesus Christ.

The youngest generation is like a flock of sheep who have willfully left the guiding hand of the Good Shepherd. They face dangers they cannot even imagine, yet they turn everywhere but to the Truth for answers. Are we to give up on them, or will we do everything in our power to guide them back to the loving embrace of Jesus Christ?

I hope you’ll pre-order your copy of “The Kids’ Pit,” which is meant to be a thrilling and entertaining book with a deeper message. Are you ready to take a stand for Christ, and will your children and grandchildren be ready to stand beside you?