My wife and I have been blessed to work with nearly wed and newlywed couples for many years. From time to time, we ask couples that have been married for a number of years to share some keys for a successful marriage. Recently, Leroy and Vaness Grant shared their keys to a successful marriage, and I thought they were worth sharing!


  • Both committed early to mature in their relationship with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Forgive often and quickly
  • Don’t try to “fix” your spouse; instead focus on “fixing” yourself to become a better person and spouse
  • Commit to work through conflict



  • Put each other’s needs first
  • They decided early on that they would not divorce and that for them, divorce was not an option. They were committed to stay together and work through any issues
  • Find a Godly couple to walk with, and beside you in marriage
  • LAUGH! And laugh together often

Like Leroy and Vanessa, my wife and I pray these keys will be helpful and that your future together with your spouse will be brighter than your past! God bless!