Religious Liberty Legal Paradigm Shift

As the attacks on religious liberty began, those hostile to religious liberties would ask the US Supreme Court to “make them stop” – having prayer in schools, posting 12 commandments in county courthouses, etc. Now, those hostile to religious liberty seem to be elected officials (i.e. US House and the Equality Act, Mayors and Governors imposing restrictions on religious services or seeking to fine or imprison pastors who defy them), so now those seeking to protect religious liberties are going to the Supreme Court (hopefully with a conservative majority supporting religious liberty) to say protect this Constitutional right of religious liberty against those restricting that right. This paradigm shift gives us hope, so that now, instead of having to try to gradually replace liberal Supreme Court justices, the silent majority can vote out the politicians seeking to restrict religious liberty, whether they are members of the US House, Senate, Governor, Mayor or local school board. People supporting religious liberty need to run for office, support like-minded candidates and get involved!